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G+ Come on over! - Kersus - 08-07-2018

G+ seems to be the social media most used by gamers, so I've made us a place there. I don't plan on moving the forums or anything however maybe G+ is a middle ground for forum users and Facebook users to get us all back together again.


RE: G+ Come on over! - Oedipussy Rex - 08-10-2018

Right. Google +. Because it would be G++ if it were object-oriented. Misread that one.

RE: G+ Come on over! - Kersus - 09-25-2018

Would you consider using it? I just don't know how to make the next step and rebuild a community. G+ seems to have the better gaming communities. I don't have it in me to properly rebuild a forum. I hate CMS so the multi-user blog, while something I aim to continue, is probably a lost cause..... Mostly because I can't make Drupal look professional and moving to another CMS is cumbersome. I mean, Wordpress should have been a no-brainer but I thought I could handle Drupal. Sigh. The facebook group is active but it's a very different group than the original forum and facebook is becoming just old people (well from a millennial perspective). G+ only lacks the ability to run a play-by-post RPG which I'd like to do again.

RE: G+ Come on over! - Kersus - 10-09-2018

And G+ is closing it's doors. Nevermind.