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MeWe - Kersus - 10-12-2018

We're also on MeWe at http://www.mewe.com/join/furiously_eclectic_people

RE: MeWe - Oedipussy Rex - 11-10-2018

What is a "mewe"? The sound a female cat makes? (French joke) (Not a good joke but it qualifies as a joke)

RE: MeWe - Kersus - 11-11-2018


RE: MeWe - Kersus - 11-11-2018

It's unpopular facebook? I don't know. It's where the tabletop gaming community emigrated to. More active than G+. More secure and private than facebook. Less ADD than twitter. It's just where I am hoping I might finally get everyone together in one place.

These ones won't use facebook, those ones don't have the technical expertise to log into a forum, these ones won't use G+ (moot since it's closing), these ones can't functionally use email, etc... MeWe seems to have more potential to actually gather FEP into one group instead of the fragmented discussions currently going on. It may fail.

If it does, than maybe Diaspora or I'll just buckle down and build a social media platform focused solely on FEP and GWRC. If that doesn't work I'll go back to being a hermit and grumble.