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Roll20 - Kersus - 04-19-2019

Have you considered getting SCHWA on Roll20?

While I don't know how to use it personally, I'd make the effort and run a campaign if SCHWA was there.

RE: Roll20 - Oedipussy Rex - 05-04-2019

So I checked out the site and found it unhelpful for the questions I have. It says it's system agnostic, but it doesn't say what it actually does, like what kind of dice you can use. Can I roll a d87? I have no doubt that it does, but how about dice pools? Or exploding dice? Of the proper type? How about scaling dice? Questions I'm not willing to register to find out.

RE: Roll20 - Kersus - 05-30-2019

I finally played a game of Eldritch Roleplaying there.

When you register, there's a tutorial that goes over the main interface like using icons, rolling dice, adding music, etc....

You roll with simple things like /r d8

There is also a visual roller where you can point and click the dice. It does have exploding and does dice pools but there are some things you have to do manually. Eg. for Silhouette (Far Away Land), you can get your highest die but you have to count the 6s yourself. Apparently you can code some stuff that takes care of it.

I registered five years ago and this past Monday played it for the first time. I'm not sold on it but there has to be a platform to play online.... I just want to game and herding adults every other Sunday afternoon is stressful.

RE: Roll20 - Kersus - 04-12-2020

I have a test game setup to mess around with at https://app.roll20.net/join/6808173/OXoo_A

I also have a simple Discord server at https://discord.gg/bKMjCF

I use Roll20 for the maps, characters, handouts, dice, video etc. but Discord for the voice.