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Telegram - Kersus - 04-24-2019

There is a FEP group at http://t.me/furiouslyeclectic

RE: Telegram - Oedipussy Rex - 05-04-2019

Opera and Firefox have no idea what to do with the site.

RE: Telegram - Kersus - 06-11-2019

I've given up with all the rest. I'm back on BBMe as my main source of communication. I generally only use Firefox and Opera for browsing however some banking must be in IE.

It likely isn't either browser that's the problem, it's that you didn't have Telegram installed. The browser picked up the protocol and heaved an error because there was no default program for the extension. Doesn't matter now unless you have BBMe or MeWe. We have a channel on MeWe but no one else cares. Facebook seems to be the only space we get traffic anymore (although those closest to me hate facebook as much as i)/