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Reekers - Oedipussy Rex - 08-15-2019

Fetor Fiend
S: d6
W: d4 / d1
A: d8
D: 1
H: 45
Size: M

Rarely seen and known mostly by the results of its actions. A Fetor Fiend will urinate and defecate on the supplies and possessions of anyone unfortunate to stop in its territory. Any item not made from metal, glass, or stone are ruined. Items not ruined require several washings using the strongest of detergents to remove the overwhelming odor.

RE: Reekers - Oedipussy Rex - 08-17-2019

Funk Varmint (Pest)
S: d2
W: d4 / d1
A: d3
D: 1
H: 1
Size: S
Special: Swarm, Stench 10'

These odoriferous vermin are unafraid of people and will approach if they believe easy food is available, sometimes quite aggressively. A Funk Varmint’s tobacco/sweat stench is so awful that those within 10’ who fail a Resist W5 suffer a -1 penalty to all Aspect rolls for a number of Adventure Turns equal to the Degree of Failure after leaving the area.

RE: Reekers - Oedipussy Rex - 08-23-2019

Miasma Critter
S: d3
W: d3 / d1
A: d3
D: 1 / d3
H: 30
Size: S
Special: Miasma 10'

Miasma Critters live in dung heaps, fetid swamps, and anywhere dead and rotting material, uh, thrives? The air surrounding a Miasma Critter is so foul that anyone within 10’ of one must make a Resist W6 or contract a miasmic disease that reduces the character’s maximum Health by a roll of a die of Rank equal to the Degree of Failure each Travel Turn (day). A Cure spell beating 6+DoF is needed to stop this decline. Regaining lost Health points is only possible with the first attempt at a Cure spell with each additional multiple of the Degree of Success of the casting over the spell number granting one roll’s worth of Health loss being restored. Restore the Health in reverse order.

RE: Reekers - Oedipussy Rex - 09-04-2019

Making Stench a special for monsters, which means the Funk Varmint will be modified.

If a monster has the Stench “attack,” which is not an attack but a state of being, then any character within the indicated range must Resist as explained in the monster's description or succumb to a bout of retching and vomiting. The Resist must be made each (Combat) Turn regardless of the success or failure of any previous Resists for so long as the character remains in range of the Stench. In addition to being incapacitated, the character loses an amount of Health equal to the roll of a die of the same Rank as the Degree of Failure of the Resist. For example, if the Degree of Failure is 4, then the 4th Rank die (d6) is rolled with the character losing Health according to the d6. Yes, this probably over-complicates the process, but have you read Ə-OH?