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Covid Hits Near Home - Oedipussy Rex - 01-11-2021

Been lucky this past year in that nobody I knew had gotten it until my aunt informed us that my cousin had gotten it from a coworker who believed that his right to go nightclubbing was greater than anyone else's right not to die, not that my cousin did. A couple weeks later I heard that my cousin's brother (also my cousin) had contracted it from his wife who had gotten it from a student because they live in North Carolina and well, North Carolina, what do you expect. Of course they have in-person schooling. But these cases didn't really impact me in that I have to be reminded that their father, my uncle, had children. I've met them three(?) times in -- I'm pretty sure the older one isn't 30.

That just changed. My sister believes she's contracted it from my dipshit nephew, who was diagnosed Friday. So, let's see, we made a quick visit the day after X-Mas to drop off and pick up gifts, in and out, which was 15 days ago. Typical incubation is 3 to 10 days, making our risk low, especially since none of the three of us have shown any symptoms, but I'm still not going to be able to stop stressing about it for at least another two weeks.

RE: Covid Hits Near Home - Kersus - 01-12-2021

That's a tough one. I get anxious whenever I slip outside my bubble and engage with people I don't need to. I hope your sister does okay and that you remain safe.

RE: Covid Hits Near Home - rredmond - 01-14-2021

People are being silly about it - and political, which is stupid. I live in NJ, so one of the hotbeds. And my second job is as an in-home child therapist, so I go into the homes of (often abused) children to help them. So it becomes real sketchy for me. Plus my cousin passed away back in October due to COVID, so I try to be very careful. I need to do the second job, or the bills don't get paid, but I need to ensure the safety of my wife and four girls as well. This pandemic (any pandemic?) sure puts different kind of stressors out there. Sad

RE: Covid Hits Near Home - Oedipussy Rex - 04-14-2021

Getting ready for my second shot in the morning and a week of feeling like crap. Just looked at the forecast and we're going to have a couple fronts moving through, which always messes with my sinuses this time of year. I'm sure the vaccine won't help any.

RE: Covid Hits Near Home - Kersus - 04-17-2021

Spring is not my favourite season. I'm a ways off getting a shot up here although I got them for my parents. Ontario in particular is doing poorly. We handled the first year of the pandemic well and now no one will listen to advice so it's anarchy. I'm sheltered a bit in my area so that's good but every time I have to go to the city there is some anxiety.

While the house-call part of my business is not nearly as important as rredmond's I mostly turned it into remote work so for that I'm lucky. I have turned away some work too though which hits the pocket. Personally, I think I need a change of direction for my business.

While not the same, I used to work with kids as a teen and young adult. It's something I miss. Even when it broke my heart it was still fulfilling.

RE: Covid Hits Near Home - Oedipussy Rex - 04-17-2021

Ontario. Isn't that Ford's stompin' grounds? Here's a thought: have you considered not electing self-serving, corrupt dipshits? Just because the US is unable to do so doesn't mean you can't.

RE: Covid Hits Near Home - rredmond - 05-04-2021

Question: are any politicians no self-serving, corrupt dipshits? Just on varying levels.
Or maybe that is just the US. Sad

RE: Covid Hits Near Home - Kersus - 05-31-2021

In Canada we elect self-serving corrupt but charismatic leaders until we're sick of their corruption and then elect someone who will balance the budget and keep promises until we get sick of them cutting services and go back to the self-serving charismatic one that tells people what they want to hear and breaks all their promises quickly so it's forgotten in four years. The balance works. Spend and then balance and then spend....

Got my Covid jab (Moderna) couple days ago.