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[PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Kersus - 05-06-2014

You poor penniless schlubs get lost. Somehow, before hunger causes you to give into eating the tastiest of the party you stumble upon a hamlet.

It's quite small but does seem to have buildings and such. There are a few shops, a large house, and some shacks. It's well surrounded by the thick woods.

There is no one wandering around the town but a few schmucks.... That's you.

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Oedipussy Rex - 05-09-2014

Castor the Caster and Mighter the Fighter go to the shop that most likely would have food, or the house if necessary, and ask for the charity of some water drink and offer to do some work for a meal.

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Kersus - 05-10-2014

There is no obvious Inn, but along with the shacks (some seemingly vacant) and shops offering various sundries, there is Vythe's Small Game which seems to profer food.

When you enter the food shop and make your offer, the short balding dude there seems surprised and even a little fearful. Suddenly, like a light turning on in his head, he mentions that the town could use such as you. Vythe offers you some cured squirrel meat on the house along with a small waterskin.

He mentions that the village has been suffering attacks from some vicious little creatures that always attack at night. He notes that while he heads what local militia they have (more like a neighborhood watch), that any deal struck would have to be from the Big House, which he points you toward.

The large building looks like a residence and has a sign in front with some scribbles that read "Mayor" or some such nonsense.

Vythe seems fairly stoic despite his initial consternation upon your arrival.

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Oedipussy Rex - 05-10-2014

We thank him for his generosity and knock at the front door of the "Mayor" or some such nonsense's house to explain that we have heard about their plight and are willing to tender our services. For a reasonable fee.

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Kersus - 05-11-2014

The rotund black-haired man who identifies himself only as Mayor is surprised but happy to meet you.

They're troubled by the night-time attacks that seem more and more frequent. The force attacking them isn't large, but they're sneaky and while they steal goods and provisions, lately they've gotten nasty and started hurting people. It keeps escalating.

The hamlet has no riches, but they think you'll find the thieves likely have accumulated some wealth which you may keep if you can dispose of the problem.

What can be offered is food and drink, as well as a place to stay. On top of that, if any goods are needed, they would offer credit until you could pay via the wealth you find.

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Oedipussy Rex - 05-11-2014

Sounds reasonable.

So the plan is 1) Take a look at where the attacks have been and see if there's a pattern, such as is each subsequent attack east of the previous, do they move in succession or skip every other building, are they taking only certain things like grabbing the salt meat while leaving the pickled eggs or just ransacking pell mell. 2) See if we can determine if the marauders always come from the same direction or if they vary their direction of attack. 3) Make sure we're well-provisioned with a good supply of torches, a tinder box to light the torches, make sure Castor finds plenty of good stones for slinging, rope, some string, chalk or charcoal stick, a bell, etc. (I'm assuming that Castor and Mighter already have much of these things as well as weapons and armor, if not, time to go shopping on credit.) 4) Have a good meal and take a nap to rest up for tonight.

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Kersus - 05-12-2014

Roll a Sorcerer die for each character.

One tinderbox, a handful of torches, 2 30' ropes, 200' ball of twine, handful of charcoal sticks, a small copper thing that dings, and 30 good sling-stones are provided on tab. A residence of a widow who lost her children to the raids has a couple extra beds and she'll cook you a meal.

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Oedipussy Rex - 05-13-2014

And the results of the "investigation"?

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Kersus - 05-13-2014

1d12 rolled for a total of: 10 (10)
1d8 rolled for a total of: 2 (2)

RE: [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold - Kersus - 05-14-2014

Mighter barely pays attention to the information given.

Castor gleans this information from the Mayor and investigating the immediate area:

They almost always attack at night although recently they also started attacking at dawn or dusk. Attacks have increased in frequency.

They started going for the chickens and moved to goods. Originally the only injuries and fatalities have been those who've stood up to defend. Along with increased frequency, they have upped the violence and there is fear they may wipe the town out soon.

None of the buildings have been overly damaged and the local magic shop claims responsibility for protecting the buildings. It's a relatively new shop.

There is one exception to the attacks. One attack was particularly viscous and didn't seem to have the same random ransack feeling. They went straight for the babies and killed anyone who could report seeing them. It was during a new moon and very quick and quiet.

The Mayor notes that there is an Elf hermit to the East who may be able to lead you to the creature's lair.

Beyond that, most of the attacks do indeed come from the East, but the damage and attacks do not appear to have a pattern. They even sometimes sack a building they already sacked and sometimes go for new ones. None of the attackers have been slain.

The town has all but given up on chickens.