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Martin J. Dougherty - Kersus - 05-08-2014

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The last post was by Chris:

Heh - when I first saw EoG it was just a word file - and I read the whole thing in one sitting.  At the time I figured it would truly inspire the fanbase if we could just get it out there, so I cajoled Martin into letting us pub a short run of it with a nominal royalty at the time.... and he, thankfully, agreed.

Martin now owns all rights to the work... but I am glad we were able to put an HFP stamp on the first release.  It really is quite good Martin, and thanks again for sending it to Gary and I.  I hope you can get it reprinted under a non-LA titling...  It is deserving of a second, and decent-sized run, pass at the market.  I just wish we could have done more for the work than we did.