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You have pets? - Kersus - 05-12-2014

Tell us about your pets, pet stories, future designs on pets!

I have a cat. She eats, poops, sleeps, and meows.

RE: You have pets? - tmjva - 06-05-2014

(05-12-2014, 04:46 PM)Kersus Wrote: I have a cat. She eats, poops, sleeps, and meows.

Same here. And got into a fight Sunday Morning, been limping all week. She's new to the Outdoors, had her spayed for that.

RE: You have pets? - Oedipussy Rex - 06-05-2014

Have one cat that's an indoor/outdoor cat. He's 15 now and not going to change his ways. Had two upstairs cats. One died. Got another upstairs cat. The two do not get along, but it's all hissing and growling and stealing each other's food. Have an idiot of a dog. She likes to be where she's not supposed to be.

RE: You have pets? - Oedipussy Rex - 04-29-2017

Two years later: Still have the idiot dog. Also have a 11-year-old, 95lb, mastiff-mix rescue dog. He and the idiot dog have settled their dominance issues with each other and now it's all about the jealousy for my attention. And treats. And walks. And car rides. The 15-year-old indoor/outdoor lasted another year and a half. The idiot dog has taken his place on my bed. The 95 pounder is perfectly fine not getting on the bed. The replacement upstairs cat has been replaced. The upstairs cat doesn't like this replacement either.

RE: You have pets? - Kersus - 05-04-2017

My cat pees in her sleep now. I inherited a couple beta fish, if fish are pets. One died. Now there is more dresser space.

RE: You have pets? - Kersus - 06-05-2017

Oh, the fish tank has snails.... I miss having a dog.

RE: You have pets? - Oedipussy Rex - 01-10-2018

Had to take the upstairs cat to the vet to get a tumor removed. they wanted to send it off to test if it's malignant (the tumor, not the cat). Said no. She's 16 years old. Let's say it is. I'm not going to put her through the misery of chemo just so she can live another miserable, what, year? Two? So I'm watching out for hard lumps and discomfort, which can be hard to gauge given cat's disposition of hiding illness.

RE: You have pets? - Kersus - 09-27-2018

I have two Spring Peepers.

RE: You have pets? - Oedipussy Rex - 09-15-2021

Upstairs 16 year old is now the 20 year old bedroom cat. Mostly blind and wholly deaf.

95-pound mastiff-mix died a few years back. Spots on the x-ray of the lungs and a growth pressing on the esophagus creating breathing difficulties.

55 pound idiot dog had cancer metastasize in the nervous system. Died a month ago at 13 years.

The other day I'm sitting on the couch when this one is brought in:
9-month old, 30 lb rescue that was apparently an outside dog. She absolutely adores me and will put up with the others as long as they are petting or feeding her. They call her "Ginger." I call her Grrl. 

RE: You have pets? - Oedipussy Rex - 11-18-2021

The intelligence of animals is sometimes amazing. Grrl has created a new game. It's called "Run as fast as she can and launched herself, front paws first, into my testicles."

I don't like this game.