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[DT-OSR] Weird Fantasy - Kersus - 06-04-2014

I have hmmed and hawed about Lamentations of the Flame Princess multiple times and always passed on it. My reasoning is usually "I have so many old-school games, what would this really add?" I really try not to buy games I won't play.

Lately I've been wondering about it again. This review from 2012 sparked my interest a little more.


RE: [OSR] Weird Fantasy - Oedipussy Rex - 06-05-2014

If you're not concerned about pretty pictures, you can't argue with the price point.

RE: [OSR] Weird Fantasy - Kersus - 06-05-2014

I do actually like the art. I like the idea of the Conan/Cthulhu style feel to the game (ala Carcosa) but i've never really played that out.