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[ACT] What shows have you been watching?
(09-11-2021, 09:50 AM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: ... I don't consider anything after Star Trek (1966-69) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) to be Star Trek (Yes, even Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn), Lower Decks gets a pass due to the satirical nature of the show.
Lot of truth here.
I might have to give Lower Decks a try :/
It skewers every incarnation of the Star Trek IP, from Star Trek to Star Trek: Discovery, although I couldn't say how much of the later shows as I haven't seen all that much of them, so many references doubtlessly go over my head.
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I watched all of TOS, several times. I've seen every movie with the original cast... I'm not sure I've seen any of the newer movies. I've seen a couple of the cartoons. I've seen all of TNG at least once - great series, not really ST to me, but I enjoyed it and put it in the same universe. I've seen a bunch of DS9 episodes, some of the Voyager stuff, and probably zero of any other series except for, of course, Starship Exeter! Big Grin
Only read a couple arcs of Y: The Last Man but I don't remember Yorick being the whiny loser that he is so far in the new series.

New episodes of DC Super Hero Girls have dropped! Finished in an evening. Not a big deal considering each episode is only 11 minutes or so.
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I like all six ST movies, yes... even V. After that I care much less.

DC Super Hero Girls has more? I will have to acquire them. I really like shows that are short. Even the 60s Spiderman was a lot of split episodes of 12 minutes each. You can tell a fun story in 10-12 minutes. In fact, most hour long shows could easily boil down to 12 minutes and miss very little.

Been watching Heels, Ted Lasso and The Goes Wrong Show.

Heels was a bit of a surprise. Ted Lasso an even more feel-good surprise and my gosh, The Goes Wrong Show is some of the best TV I've seen in ages.
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Squid Game

What the...?!?
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