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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/04/09
Another move, we are moving to Thursdays!

Next game is on Thursday 17 April, at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601. Start time is somewhere around 6PM or shortly thereafter.

This past week we got our pizza from a different place, Guiseppe's New York Style Pizza that my son in managing and opened up last Friday. We got a Philly-Cheesesteak pizza, 25 chicken wings, a bottle of Spanish Sherry, and Bushnell's Irish Whisky.


We had a new person show up, so we started early (early for us anyway) at 5:20PM so we rolled up a new character in full formal HackMaster mode. We were done by 8PM and resumed Play until 10:30PM. As a result we acquired a new Magic User (General Practitioner). By house rules, we declared him half average (participating) party level INT(4.25/2) = 2

From last week, a historical audit of character Balentine and Lucy indicated they were two distinct and separate characters. Lucy turned out to be Balentine's side-kick.

The party had arrived at D'Vine the Druid's "Tree Hugging Paradise and Theme Park" in the middle of tourist season. Not wanting to wait in the extensive queue line, the party opted to go to the business office and claim friendship with D'Vine. (D'Vine was once a party member.)

Once there, the party met the office secretary and file clerk (the new Player a Magic User named Kmaregh). To whom was immediately set upon with queries as to the whereabouts of D'Vine, to which Kmaregh's first reply was "Do you have an appointment?" The Party not seeing the need for an appointment claimed personal friendship.

Which the Kmaregh demanded proof, saying: "Unless you have some sort of proof, D'Vine is rather busy. If you know Druids, she probably has her head in the middle of a bush."

The best the party came up with was a Contract and a Last Will and Testament. The contract in effect was that D'Vine would take care of Numrendir's talking Pony named Bill while Numrendir was out adventuring and one of the will's codecils named D'Vine to inherit Bill in the event of Numrendir's demise.

"Well if you want Bill, you can't have him right now. He is one of the Park's main attractions and rates an "E" ticket." Kmaregh's replied. "However this does qualify as proof." and he led the party upstairs via the external stairway around the largest tree's trunk to meet D'Vine. Announcing she has "visitors", and getting a "Be there in a second!", there was some rustling on the platform and D'Vine drew back the curtain. Sure enough, there she was in her official Druidic robe, holding a pair of clippers in one hand and a topiary in the other.


Aside from Bill, the party was looking for a little, they wanted to mount an expedition over the barren waste of Vestfold, to the ruins of International Exports, Inc, a little over 200 yards away next to the docks.

"Oh that." said D'Vine "Sure, be my guest, knock yourself out. Have a free night's stay in one of my 5-star rated tree branches, single branch, double occupancy. But I want you out by morning."

Meanwhile, Lucy, (or was it Balentine?) hired Kmaregh to pick up the trash. But at a greater rate of pay than what D'Vine was paying, so Kmaregh gave notice.

"Can't keep good help these days." said D'Vine, "Don't let the Doorant hit you on the way out."

Next week: Expedition to the ruins of International Exports, Incorporated.

Tracy Johnson



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