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I'm Hosting A Gamer Convention
Well due to quarantines and lock I have not been having HackMaster games anymore.


THE WEEKEND 2020 is a small yearly wargaming convention put on by the Society of Daisy.

This year it will be held on 13 to 16 August at the Comfort Suites, 10 Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA  17013  It was rescheduled from May.

Event fee $20 or $10 for a day.  Parking is $5 per day in the parking structure.

No vendors.  (The Bring & Buy table is for gamer's used, unwanted stuff.)

This event is intended for gamers who simply wish to bring their war-games and play whether it be a tabletop miniatures game or a board war-game. 

Emphasis has traditionally been on unique designs introduced at this convention by our attendees and humor.  (What's with the flying carpet landing craft?  Did the gods smile down on my chariots today?  Why is the enemy's entire army stopping at Princess Trixie's tent?  Do I go for the IJN Yamato in Midway or the carriers?  Do I assign crew to put out the fire on my ship or do I let the magazine explode next to the enemy's ships?)

For room reservations:

Or call:  717-960-1000.  Specify “The Weekend 2020” for August 13-16, 2020 (Thursday through Sunday).

If social distance restrictions are still in effect in Pennsylvania by mid-August, will take steps.  Face masks "may" be required, seating at a game table "may" be on alternate turns.  Only single use sodas and snack bags at the munchie pit.  No more communal big chip bags for use with our big grubby hands or 2 liter sodas that can be poured by anyone.  And no dips.

Table layout attached, all tables are open as of this time except Tables J, K & L.  (The Munchie Pit is where the wooden dance parquet is, in case of spills.)

Contact me tracy 'at' if you want to put on a game.
Tracy Johnson



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