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[P&R] Public Integrity - The Canadian health care system I disparaged
Quote:I'm sure the people demanding cable service back on were not necessarily the same people who were without electricity.

If only that was true. I recall my first customer like that and trying to help. The first problem was that we couldn't fix their cable until emergency services were done in the area. It was a bit into the conversation before I realized he didn't have power and then later I was overheard in an astonished voice asking "Wait, did you say your roof is gone?"

Then it was customer after customer with similar issues. Whole areas out of electricity but demanding cable. I quickly gave up trying to explain that the cable line requires electricity to people with their TVs attached to generators. There were only a couple that actually could see stars from their living room - that I dealt with personally anyway.

Also, no, I would prefer that the doctor should have the same access as the baker to any goods or services.
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