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RPGGeek BGGeek
Y'know, I forgot. Part of the reason I looked at BGG is from CAPE (Cornwall Area Pop Event) when I played in the Pandemic tournament. One of the demo-guys said he was contacted through BGG by Z-Man Games to participate. Read - get swag. I miss the years I spent being a demo guy. I did a lot of demos for CEE (Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment) - Peginc stuff - like tournaments and demos of The Last Crusade CCG and Weird Wars: Weird War Two RPG. I did some stuff for the team with the Babylon 5 RPG, Millennium's End and Psychosis. I think I playtested and demoed everything they had but spent most of my time on TLC and WW. After CEE folded, I tried to do the same for Pinnacle (Peginc and Great White Games) but there were a couple people close to Shane (who was always nice to me) that caused me too much grief to continue helping them.

I did quite a bit of Lejendary Adventure demoing. I'm certain I've done others as well as a ton of playtesting (mostly under gag orders for whatever reason) but my memory has faded a lot over the last 3-4 years. I had a couple traumas and memory suddenly faded.

I think I'm always waiting for that next company or product line to support. A good part of the reason to Demo is the swag and specialty items. When I did LA, I received cool personalized adventures from Chris Clark to use. I would have gotten into Dream Pod 9 demo stuff but they pretty much disbanded the team when I was seeking entry.

If I could get Dan Cross to teach ERP to me, I might find I want to help him, but I simply don't understand the game.

SCHWA is fun and the next convention I run Greg Ellis' "Beyond the Realms of Death" I want to use CHWA because I think that adventure and that system would work great together and suit convention play well.

I'm still deciding what game to run for the twitter campaign hopefully starting in September. I have three players and need a couple more. I expect it to fail miserably.

I should be running TWD and TME at conventions, but because that would help me personally and advance my life, I avoid it subconsciously like the plague. It's probably been a decade or more since I pulled out TME. As soon as I licensed the mechanics to make my own game that I thoroughly playtested. I stopped. I think I need help with TWD. I'm just not a very good writer, designer, publisher, etc.... I can delegate, resolve disputes, chair meetings, mediate, deal with umbrella ideas, and exert political influence, but everything else is beyond me.
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