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Library RPG
I approached my local library about running a tabletop RPG night (regularly). I could just play tabletop games, but another RPG campaign also sounds neat although it must be family-friendly.

BlueHolme is the frontrunner for what I'll play as it sounds and looks family friendly, is easy to run and play, and.... I'm sure there are other reasons. If I do select BH, I have to decide on which House Rules I'll bleed into this campaign as I want to keep it simple, but it's tantalizing to test some of my bells & whistles with strangers. Oh, and people who enjoy it, can buy it!

Lejendary Adventure is of course near and dear to my heart and the game I can most easily run on the fly. The two negative points are the longer character creation as well as the fact no one can really buy the game if they like it although I guess I could give away some of my extra books.
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