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Rappan Athuk and DungeonSlayers

My understanding in combat is that if you have an attack of 12, 12 is the most damage you can deliver in a hit, and if you have a defense of 15, then 15 damage is the most you can avoid in an attack. So the amount of damage delivered is the result of the attack roll as long as the roll is under the attack value. A roll of 2 does 2 damage, a roll of 9 does 9, and a roll of 13 does 0, using an attack value of 12. Then the defender defends. If hit for 9 damage, a defense roll of 2 results in net damage of 7, a roll of 8 nets 1 damage, and a roll of 19 means he takes all damage if the defense value is the aforementioned 15.

If I have that right, it's a pretty clever system combining the need to roll both low and high in a single roll. Completely different from ə which uses the crude bludgeon of roll high early and roll high often. The earlier and oftener and higher the betterer. It also means that an entire game of Dungeonslayers can be played with a single d20. Completely antithetical to the philosophy of ə. (Dice are good, more dice are better.)

But how to convert. My initial thought is to use the value for Body/Agility/Mind as the die size (not Rank) for Warrior/Adventure/Sorcerer, respectively and use either sub-stat as the die size for possible damage dice, or by weapon. At a quick glance, it looks like you can keep HP values as Health. The problem comes with Defense. Again, just a glance, but it looks like you can use Dodge as the armor die, but those Defense values just won't work, mainly because Defense works in completely different ways in the two systems, so I'd go with my old stand-by: make something up.
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