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[TT] What staple software do you use?
So Let's see what's changed:

All Devices
Opera Flow

W7 Desktop
Internet Explorer
Libre Office 4 (just downloaded it, was using OpenOffice 2)
Mozilla Thunderbird
QuickBooks Easystart 2006
GoG (Battletech and HuniePop)
Steam (Eastside Hockey Manager)
Snipping Tool
Trend Micro AV (egads it's crap, but I got a free license)

W7 Laptop
OpenOffice 3.0
Microsoft Expression Web 4

OpenSUSE/W10 laptop
I haven't used it in some time but will probably start again now that I'm writing more often.

MacBook Pro 2010 (High Sierra)
Opera (because Safari can't run Silverlight anymore)
Plex Server

BlackBerry KeyOne
BlackBerry Hub (all the time - it's the communications centre of my life)
BlackBerry Messenger (primary means of communication)
Photos (cause - what  choice do I have?)
Opera Touch (works better than Chrome or DuckDuckGo although I use the DuckDuckGo search engine)
Google Docs (sort of persnickety but again, what real choice do I have)
BlackBerry Contacts
Canadiens (NHL) App
Google Maps (not as good as BlackBerry maps but it's updated at least)
Gentle Wakeup (because nothing built into Android actually works)
Tunnels & Trolls Adventures (learned that your stats are everything, screw roleplaying)
TV Cast (Samsung)
Memoria Freese
Plex (solely to cast my iTunes to a Bluetooth speaker in the backyard)
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