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Following is the text of time-sensitive spells rewritten to reflect time as presented in ə-OH:

Floating Disk
Creates a 5' diameter disk at waist height of the caster that is able to support up to 500 lbs. for one Adventure Turn/PoS or until dispelled. The disk moves to remain within 5 feet, horizontally, of the caster but can be raised or lowered 10'. The disk reshapes, while maintaining it's total surface area, if the caster moves into a space narrower than the disk's diameter. Impenetrable obstructions, like the floor or ceiling, cause the disk to stop. So no, you can't use it to flatten a monster against the ceiling like a fly on a windshield. And yes, I'm being a dick about it. The caster is unable to get on the disk.

Create a sphere of light in a 10' radius around the caster or target object for
one Adventure Turn per PoS that allows vision as if in bright moonlight when in total darkness, or as daylight when in dim lighting. The light does not counter the Darkness spell or blind opponents.

Creates a bright flash and loud bang centered up to 10' from the caster that stuns d1 Ranks in Warrior of creatures within a 10' radius for one Combat Turn per Degree of Failure of the Resist roll. A successful Resist still results in loss of initiative. The spell does not affect creatures that can neither see nor hear.

The caster creates a 5' radius sphere centered up to 20' away lasting 1 Turn (either Combat or Adventure as the situation dictates) per PoS that eliminates all sound in the area of effect. If cast upon an unwilling creature, a Resist is allowed. Spells must be cast silently in a zone of Silence.

Allows the caster to speak to, and understand, one person/humanoid who speaks a language for one Turn (Combat or Adventure)/PoS. To those listening to the conversation, each person is speaking a different language, while to the caster and target it sounds like the other is speaking his own language.

Allows the caster to hover or fly at a rate up to walking speed for up to d1 Turns (Combat, Adventure, or Travel) per PoS. Combat, whether mêlée or ranged, is impossible while flying although spells can be cast. The spell will end when the character lands.

Paralyze one creature up to 20' away for at least 1 Turn (Adventure or Travel). The creature can have up to 1 Rank per PoS of the casting in Sorcerer; additional Ranks provide a bonus to the Resist. At the end of each Turn, another Resist roll with a cumulative +1 bonus is allowed.

Causes d1 Ranks in Sorcerer/PoS within a 10' radius of the caster to fall into a deep sleep for a Travel Turn (a normal sleep cycle). Affected creatures will awaken if harmed enough to cause at least a point of damage.
Modifiers: +1 for each additional Turn in duration

Elemental Barrier
Create a vertical wall composed of one of the four elements. The Barrier is 1 foot thick and the spell creates up to 100 cubic feet of material (10'x10'x1' or 20'x5'x1' for example). The Barrier has a "strength" of d1 for each Point of Success of the casting. When casting the spell, the caster must be able to touch some part of the barrier upon completion.
Fire: The flames do not prevent anyone from passing through, but inflicts d1/PoS per foot of thickness of the barrier to anyone who tries. The barrier will dissipate in a number of Turns (Combat or Adventure) equal to the Success of the spell plus the Rank in Sorcerer of the caster. A fire Barrier can be formed into a circle.
Water (Ice): While a Water Barrier will eventually melt, losing 1 strength point per Turn (Combat or Adventure), those who don't wish to wait that long can break it down by inflicting an amount of damage to it equal to its strength for each foot of thickness. An attack must beat a Defense equal to the Rank of the Caster to cause damage.
Earth: An Earth Barrier is permanent but can be easily climbed. It can also be torn down as per a Water Barrier, but it has Damage Reduction equal to the Rank of the strength die. The Barrier will be made of earth or stone appropriate for the Damage Reduction.
Air: An Air Barrier is completely impenetrable and impervious to both physical and magical damage, but only lasts a number of Turns (Combat or Adventure) equal to the strength of the spell plus the Rank of the caster. Air Barriers can be shaped into a circle or dome.

Fictis Mundi
Create a locus or area of false sensation, vision, sound, smell, etc., including the non-grammar school senses. The Minimum Rank to cast Fictis Mundi is 3 (d4), but this creates an illusory effect for only one sense. For each Rank higher than 3rd, the caster can add another effect. If the spell is to be interactive, the caster has to concentrate on the spell, unable to do any actions that would require an Aspect roll: attack, cast another spell, etc. Normal activities that do not require a roll do not adversely affect a caster's concentration. A Resist vs Sorcerer Rank is required to maintain the spell when disrupted. While Fictis Mundi can be used in combat, it cannot be cast during combat.
The spell can be cast either upon an object, or upon a space – up to 10' cubed (10'x10'x10'). To Resist the spell, a person has to have a reason to suspect something is not as it seems, whether it's because the zombie smells of lilacs or because there's no noise coming from the swarm of wasps.
Casters can only create fictions of what they know. If they've never seen a minotaur, they cannot create a minotaur, only what they think a minotaur is. If the person resisting has the experience the caster does not, then Resists against this type of fiction are made with a +2 bonus.
Non-interactive castings will last the shorter of 1 Travel Turn per PoS of the casting, until the caster dismisses the spell, or until Dispel Magic is cast.

Creates a thick ground cover composed of thorny vines. The thorns do no damage, but impedes progress through the growth that increases the time to pass through it by a number of Adventure Turns equal to the failure of an Adventure Resist versus the Degree of Success of the casting plus the Rank of the caster. The area affected is up to 100 square feet.
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