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[Jyhad] Kickstarter
What experiences (good or bad) have you had with any Kickstarter projects?
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Whoo Hoo!

Elevenses - The Game of Morning Tea
Probably the smoothest KS I've pledged and the final product was of excellent quality and a lot of fun.

Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Collector's Edition
This one was a perfect example to me of what Kickstarter is all about. Amazing stretch goals, quality product, well worth it. I do with one of the stretch goals or addons was to get a few copies of the 1e MA game though.

Speculative Relationships: A Sci-Fi Romance Comics Anthology
A smooth process and a quality product in binding and paper. I'm a little mixed on this one but it's better than MEH and less than WHOO HOO! I enjoyed a couple stories in it. The important part though was that they delivered on what they advertised.

Zen Dice
Smooth and quite nice! These are fun and I'm very happy.


Knitted Nerd Dice Bags
Late but fulfilled. She did pretty good but some of the bags aren't actually usable. It's a good idea and I don't regret it.


Super Tooth: A Super Fun & Fast Family Friendly Card Game
While a smooth process, the end result was of low quality and poorly put together. The game needs playtesting, better organization, and much better quality. It was a slight bait and switch (advertised as educational and just new art to a successful game) and the game will either end up in a yard sale or in the basement collecting dust. I don't regret it, but it wasn't worth it.

Castles & Crusades
Only about six months late, I do expect them to fulfil their end but it's always such a journey to get any orders properly fulfilled from Troll Lord Games. I was initially attracted to them because of EGG and I've had trouble every time I ever placed an order. They seem nice, but man, it's always so much work on my end to get them in line. Excepting the Lejendary Adventure products, I have regretted every purchase. I was compelled into this KS because of all the seemingly neat stretch goals. I was foolish and have buyers remorse. I don't like the game at all and none of the stretch goals are really worthwhile as I already have most of the adventures from an old bargain sale. It makes me a little nauseous. To C&C fans, I'm sure it's great and TLG has a great following. It's just not really for me. 

The Storyteller's Thesuarus
Jim was part of some great projects recently, so having his name attached brought me in. Again, it was TLG and I should have known. I splurged for the leather edition which wasn't really different. Three quarters of the book is a convoluted index. Perhaps I just don't understand how to use it. I feel regret. Maybe if I pledge for the Dictionary, I'll feel better?


Pebble Time - Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises
The apps were too expensive. Essentially a cool watch that does nothing unless you spend more money on apps that may or may not work with your phone.

40-Sided Spindown Dice: Life Counters (Successful)
A neat idea but too expensive for me.

Super-Magnet Fancy RPG Dice 
A decent idea that just didn't get enough air time for success.

Creating Kingston's First Board Game Cafe!
A ridiculous KS. It always bothers me when people do a KS for something they'll do regardless of whether it succeeds. Like C&C, it was going forward either way. C&C just new how to market.

Killer Croquet: A Most Unfriendly Board Game
A disappointment that this failed as it looks to be a lot of fun.

PosturePulse: The posture sensor worn on your waist or chair
It's hard to say whether this would work but I liked the concept and am sorry it didn't succeed.

Dungeon Escape - A classic game of memory with a twist!
This guy kept starting Kickstarters and then cancelling them if they didn't do well enough in the first few days. Success wasn't enough. He wanted tons of padding and came across as someone who would never follow through. The game design though was really cool.

Mountains of Madness
Some Lovecraft thing. I forget.

I forget this one.

Ainerêve Campaign Setting for Eldritch RPG
This is the reason I jopined KS. I'm glad Dan gave it another shot.
"Save inches for the bathroom; we're using feet here." ~ Rob Kuntz (2014)

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