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[P&R] Public Integrity - The Canadian health care system I disparaged
There are waiting lists in any system I know off, except that in a free-market, the privileged can skip ahead.

That said, I was impressed to be able to schedule my own surgery around my schedule in a socialized health care system. I even had them wait extra time so I could recover in the time period most convenient for me. There was no push-back on this.

However in the free-market, my cousin was unable to get treatment for Pneumonia because blue-cross didn't want to pay out. The same for a friend with gall-bladder stones. The stones were identified by socialist doctors and hand waived in the free-market until it came to emergency time. They would have been better served to have their surgery in the socialist hospital of the nation they visited than to have to fight to get their capitalist doctors to listen... which they didn't and the friend could have died as my cousin did.

Ultimately it's not about left or right to me, it's about freedom and for me that means all people have equal access to goods and services regardless of rank or financial station. Can that be perfectly executed? Probably not, but the closer, the better.

Of course that system doesn't make everyone happy. It's not one system to rule them all. It may well be good to have different places with different systems to choose from. It becomes a problem when one system is leeching from another.

Quote:Moreover, and this is really obscure knowledge that I just happen to have

This is one of my issues where I am now. It's hard to find out what all is available to you sometimes. A sick or injured person needs an advocate. Regardless of the system in place, it would be nice if all information was readily available. Perhaps it is somewhere, but it appears that those who know, gain an advantage. It's the same in grants, business, etc..
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