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[P&R] Public Integrity - The Canadian health care system I disparaged
Quote:The same holds for food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. And it's funny, that. I remember when I was in third grade and we were learning about the caveman days, we were taught that the three necessities of life are food, clothing, and shelter. I don't know when healthcare was added to the list. But it seems absurd to even talk about universal healthcare when we don't even have universal nutrition or housing, both of which would relieve some of the demand on healthcare. A person will certainly die of starvation or dehydration quicker than most illnesses.

In some areas Internet is now officially considered an essential service with electricity.

Nutrition andd housing is most definately essential and while housing isn't free, anyone who wishes can usually find a health clinic nearby who is pushing programs on living well and they usually if not always have a nutritionist on staff. These programs find funding through various sources and often supply subsidized food.
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