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[P&R] Public Integrity - The Canadian health care system I disparaged
It's very true that what many consider necessary simply isn't, when we're talking about survival. I recall people vehemently complaining and spearheading campaigns to get their cable tv back up and running in Florida after a hurricane. They didn't care if they had electricity or many times, even a roof. They expected cable tv. Nevermind the logic behind cable working without electricity. It was something that really stuck with me.

I would guess that Internet is becoming an essential service because it's the only means of communication in a crisis that many would have. That may not be the reason, it's just a guess. The big difference between an essential service and a non-essential service officially is just who is allowed to repair their equipment during and after a crisis. Essential goes first. I don't think it means it's required to live. It does sound funny in a quip though. Smile

I don't have cable myself, but I do spend increasingly insane amounts of money on electricity and my cell phone bill alone is probably your monthly average for everything. Add my Internet and phone line. Now, the cell and Internet are part of how I make a living, and the landline is actual just an emergency line but it costs $50 to have it sit there in case of emergency.

To answer your question though, I'd say no. The ideal system for me is one where all people regardless of race, sex, station, intelligence, ability, etc., have exactly the same access to all goods and services. Those who work hard may very well merit more goods and services but do not get to skip ahead in line over others.

I used to believe in a cash only society. In fact, I still believe in it, I just stopped living in it as credit cards became cheaper.
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