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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/09/16
We had Thai take out, with Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai. While I was waiting, I went to the Asian market next door and got some more Kim-Chi, and a jar of Picked Plums. (They were awful salty.)


Last week finalized into two separate groups one with Elefus, Brother Richard, Numrendir, Tubbs and Broken_Tooth the Kobold (omitted mention last game but picked up the session before that) outside the manor house to rejoin the party, the other group with Kmaregh, Kiki, Weasel, and the four mini-giants in a dining room about the enter another door.

Correction to eMail version: Brother Richard was left outside to watch the horses and wagon Elefus captured.

We began by having the group outside the house attempt to enter the same way the inside group came in. It was determined the broken window was fully repaired as was the stable door. First Elefus our 12th level Cleric in Plate Mail, used the spell "Summon Divine Lackey" to obtain a rock and smash the window. A quick check of the spell reveals that using a Divine Lackey to break a window constitutes and attack and thus illegal. (Point was raised and left unanswered as to why Elefus could not get his own rock). In the end Elefus had the Divine Lackey hand over the rock so Elefus could throw it himself.

Elefus missed.

Next Huang took up the rock, and fumbled the first try. Picked up the rock a second time and caused 5 points on the window. Fed up, Broken Tooth, picked up the rock and successfully smashed the window. Our group then clambered in. The broken window attempted to slam shut on the last person entering Numrendir the party's Conjuror, but missed due to his high armor class of the alien gawdsuit (from module DA3). Whether to keep the window from closing up, or to prevent further injury from the glass, Numrendir stuffed one of the Orc banners from the trophy room into the window.

The Players, utilizing their amazing powers of deduction, realized both halves of their were now in adjacent rooms and opened connecting the door accordingly. What followed was a meet and greet and a setting up of marching order with Huang in the lead and Shemp being carried in the rear because he is still prone due to being covered in house goo. As Huang opened the double doors, he was immediately attacked by a Gnome skeleton in rusty armor. While Huang easily defeated this bit of undead. The party noticed a vine tendril retreating from the skeleton's skull back into the wall.

The party then regroup back into the Trophy room and decided to smash everything in it, meaning the demon skeleton in glass, the realistic stone medusa, the gnome sized stomping boots, and the smelly stegocentipede shell. The red dragon claws and the remaining banners were retained in Numrendir's Fanny Pack of Holding. Smashing the stegocentipede shell determined the cause of the stench, as the almost dried corpse of a Gnome was found in the debris. Recovery found 4 hunting arrows, a stack of IOUs from a gambling house in Starport, a ring with a gem, and a pair of crystals . Inside the shell were found scrawled several Gnomish obscenities and the Gnomish phrase: "firking house".

Satisified, the Party moves through the hallway, as originally intended.

Passing by four sets of double doors in either side, they come to a final set of double doors at the end. Having the Kobold open them, party entered the next chamber, an 80 foot by 80 foot entrance hall. The floor had a giant heraldric logo, mostly covered with a crashed crystal chandelier. To the left was a set of double 30 foot wide doors (corresponding to the outside doors), a set of double doors opposite to where they entered, on the right two sets of double doors on the corners opposite the main entrance, and an ornate double staircase going up to a balcony. Immediately on each side of the door they came in, on a raised dais, were a pair of Gnome-sized set of plate mail and also on the opposite set of double doors.

A cursory check indicated the pair of crystals from the dead Gnome were from this same fallen chandelier.

Kiki, the party's Pixie-Nixie, flew up the balcony to investigate and found a two hallways with two sets of doors while the rest of the Party chowed-down from a Create Food and Water spell since it was dinner-time.

Going upstairs, the party splits up again going to doors on both hallways. The party on the left, found a Library, the party on the right found a Conference Room with seven high backed wooden chairs, red velvet lined walls, and a small end table with one drawer. Kmaregh checked out the wall lining to find only the velvet had rotted and and raised some red dust. They could not open the drawer in the end table, so like anything else they attempted to smash it, Kmaregh starting with his Quarterstaff. (The problem being the end table regenerated 5 points per round, so no unless Kmaregh consistently rolled a 6 on a six sided die for his staff, he would be hitting it forever.) In the meantime the wall sprouted forth a toothy maw that also had to be defeated. Elefus taking up that task. Finally someone (Elefus?) got a critical hit on the table and smashed it finding a metal box containing a document in both Dwarven and Gnomish, which appeared to be some form of Treaty and the original floor plans for the Manor house.

At this point I all had those in the room make saving throws versus poison, even those who saved were affected, albeit for a lesser time from a hallucinogen. It activated when Kmaregh touched the rotting red velvet from the walls that became airborne dust. To effect:

Moe saw something and started giggling uncontrollably for 7 turns.

Shemp, (who is still stuck in a straight position and must be carried due to amber colored goo) started shaking uncontrollably. He saw a ghost, but since it was a hallucination, no one else saw it.

Kmaregh watched a pink and blue spider crawl into Kiki's nose (which no one else saw).

Curly projectile vomited on Shemp.

Larry projectile vomited on no one in particular.

Elefus saw a face in the wall (which no one else saw).

Kiki imagined she saw Moe drawing a weapon in a threatening manner and fled.

The party also fled the room, ostensibly to go after Kiki. Elefus cast Neutralize Poison on himself and Kmaregh drank 4 shots of the Gnome Cognac obtained last week at the bar(Although I didn't state what it was at the time). This apparently alleviated the effect, while Elefus was fully cured, he used the Medikit First Aid box (from module DA3) and obtained a readout stating "Hallucinogen". Satisfied knowing what it was, but otherwise out of Neutralize Poison spells the party decided to let the effects run their course.

(I turned on my phone and play the short version of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.)

Meanwhile back in the Library, the description of which was: Book-lined walls, a cushioned reading chair, a table on top of which was an ivory smoking pipe and an elaborate place setting of four Wooden Cherubs.

Numrendir and Honda decide to investigate the books by rolling out their flying carpet and checking out the top shelf. (They didn't trust the rolling ladder stair.) Down below, the Kobold checked out the pipe, and Huang investigated the cherubic display, who promptly attacked.

These were mighty little Wooden Cherubs, while just small little monsters, not only did they strike twice with four sided dice of damage, but once they struck their deadly kiss (?) caused an additional HP blood drain each round. Huang was down to seven hit points before he defeated them. Bravo!

Meanwhile Kiki got a telepathic message in her head saying the word "Tasty ...."

Back on the Magic Carpet, it took an hour of Character time (while all else was going on), Numrendir a Common to Gnomish dictionary and a four Volume Set of Gnomish history. Numrendir only took Volume IV and started looking for the heraldric symbol of the manor. Late in the game the Player for Weasel arrived and decided to check out the Library the easy way and used his Rod of Alertness to Detect Magic and found a scroll of Magic User spells in a Gnome hymnal. Putting two and two together Numrendir decided to scan for books on Heraldry, finding one, took it and from behind the bookshelf the wall squirted him with sap. He was only able to open the book before the sap dried on his chest and arms the open book position, legs not affected but can still walk. Having someone else turn the pages finally discovered the manor's symbol and determined it once belonged to the Schwarze Gnome clan.

They were going to roll up the carpet but I had to advise some of the sap was on also the carpet and would either have to dry or be cleaned before rolling it back up. (Twenty minutes to dry.)

Since the duration of the hallucinogenics above was random for each character, beginning of next session may have characters still affected.


(Double spaced in the eMail version, due to webmail eating carriage returns.)


Count, Elefus, Human Male Deacon
Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Myrmidon
Kmaregh Dismal, Human Evoker
Huang - Human Monk Master
Honda - Human Samurai Bushi
Kiki - Minor-Trickster, Pixie-Nixie
Numrendir - Human Coercer

NPCs (living only):

Henchman Tubbs
Mini-Hill Giant: Larry
Mini-Frost Giant: Curly
Mini-Fire Giant" Moe
Mini-Stone Giant: Shemp
Kobold Slave: Broken_Tooth (picked up two sessions back)
Brother Richard - Human Canon of the Thonian High Church (forgot to include him in previous reports).


Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson

Tracy Johnson



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