Poll: Who is the greatest evil?
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Monkeys... Those damnable monkeys! It's always the monkeys!
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Who is the greater evil?
Who is the greater evil and why?
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My immediate reaction is Apple, but I had no clear reason as no why, "Apple fanboys" not being enough to put them above Microsoft with their illegal/anti-competitive practices that gave them their monopoly, software patents and lawsuits, etc. So after some thought it comes down to Microsoft never claimed to own the physical equipment. Apple has threatened to prosecute people who jailbreak Apple products; Microsoft just said that opening an X-Box voids the warranty. Apple is the antithesis of of almost almost everything that I believe in where computers/technology is concerned.

Plus their fan-boys are wankers.
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade
Flinging their poop and stuff... I know who the greater evil is...

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