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Magic Items
Pulling in stuff from the blog. (yay copy/paste)

Bandana of Surreptitious Stealth
This kerchief, when worn to cover the lower portion of the face, confers the Surprise ability at a +3 bonus to Adventure for initiative. (See Surprise, pg 32) To receive any benefit, the victim must be unaware of an imminent attack and the character cannot be wearing any armor greater than Leather.

Bag of Luck
This small, leather bag contains a between 5 and 22 pea-sized stones, all indistinguishable from each other. Each stone represents a Rank of Luck, randomly determined at the time of discovery: 1st Rank has a range of 0 to 1 while 11th Rank's is 0 to 29 (roll a die of the appropriate Rank and subtract 1 from the result). When a stone is swallowed, it confers a bonus to every Aspect roll for the character until the stone passes, let's say the next morning regardless of when it was consumed. Swallowing multiple stones combines the Ranks of the stones, so swallowing third and fifth Rank stones is equivalent to an eighth Rank stone.

(Here's where it gets fun.) As stated, the stones are indistinguishable from each other, so the character never knows which stone is which, and luck comes in two flavors: good and bad. A 1st Rank good luck stone combined with a 6th Rank bad luck stone means the character will have 0 to 7 points subtracted from every Aspect roll until the following morning.

Stones can be reused, but only after being placed back in the Bag. (And, presumably, cleaned.) Or the character could decide not to replace a stone, possibly because he determined the stone was bad luck. If the Bag goes an entire day without any bad luck stones, or any stones at all, in it, it disappears.

Gauze of Awareness
This gauze when wrapped around the head, covering the eyes, (i.e. blind beggar) provides a complete awareness of everything around the wearer within a combat turn's distance. The Gauze does not confer sight, just awareness, so one would know that there is a book on the table but not be able to read the book.

The effects of the Gauze are quite disconcerting to sighted people. All actions that require an Aspect roll are made at a -2 penalty. Blind people using the Gauze are able to do so without penalty and get a +2 bonus to non-mental Resists (e.g. Sleep and Charm spells are mental).

Hammer of Justice
A Hammer +1

What? Hey, they can't all be high-powered and mystical. Sometimes low-powered items are needed. Like a friend used to say, "Not all barkeeps are retired adventurers, and not all swords are Vorpal."

Bell of Freedom
When this bell is rung, all binds within range of its peal that restrict an unwilling bindee are undone. The magic will unlock doors, untie knots, release manacles, etc. The magic only recognizes whether the detainment was voluntary or not, not whether it was warranted or necessary.

Song About Love Between My Brothers and My Sisters
First off, you should have seen this one coming with the previous two items. If you didn't see this coming, slap your mother because she obviously never loved you and completely neglected to give you a good social and moral philosophy. Second, when this chant is accompanied with the Hammer of Justice striking the Bell of Freedom all aggression within a radius of one mile for every Point of Success of a roll of the Sorcerer die over 1. If multiple people are chanting, treat the chant as a chain-cast spell. Third, go listen to some Peter, Paul, and Mary, you unloved misanthrope.
Maybe I got it rite this time.


Join the scorn.

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