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Magic Items
Years ago I was skimming through a friend's 3.x books when I saw that characters lost experience points when creating magic items. (‽) Now, apparently I've misremembered that MUs gained XP for this in TSR's D&D collection (I could have sworn there were rules about earning XP but a quick perusal turns up nothing) (Also: Yeah, yeah. Not getting into the whole TSR/WotC/Hasbro thing), but I really do not like the idea of losing XP.

"But Oedipussy Rex, what about familiars and magic staves?" you ask. Fair point. Characters do indeed expend Character Points for these, and I'm happy with that. Familiars can be seen as an extension to the character, as are staves, in a sense. A character cannot hand these over to another. But scrolls, which do not have a CP cost, can be cast by anyone. So upcoming rules about magic item creation, if/when I get around to it, will not have CP costs. For the most part.

What about earning CP? Which is what this rambling, oft-edited stream-of-consciousness (before the edits) attempt to solidify my thoughts is about. I like the idea but I don't want to go with if-you-build-it-CP-will-come. I'd rather go with if-you-build-it-well-CP-will-come, which fits with the system. This is fairly easy with weapons: You don't set out to make a Long Sword +3, the Degree of Success determines what the bonus (and thus the CP earned) is. But what about scrolls -- no not scrolls. I'm not going to award CP for scrolls. Potions. What about potions? Or Flying Carpets? Or Portable Doors? (Thought to come back to: does a Staff's roll explode? It's not an Aspect roll, but acts as an Aspect explosion.) How would awarding CP for creating these work? It can't be as a multiple of the Spell Number: Need to beat a 4, roll a 12, result: 8 Points of Success => 8/4 = 2 => 1 CP (the first multiple awards no CP). Nope. Won't work. It makes the easy stuff more rewarding than the difficult.

(CPs are used in the creation of a Staff. Is the Staff a physical manifestation of the Sorcerer Aspect?) (Also: When using the optional Rolling for Health from Onanistic Hoodoo, the rolls do not explode. Health isn't an Aspect.)

I'm leaning toward awarding CP based on the caster where the Degree of Success is compared to the Sorcerer Rank, or rather Caster Rank. This way low-Ranked characters, who are in more need and have a more difficult casting, can more easily earn CP while higher Ranked casters have an easier casting but a more difficult earning. It still favors items with low Spell Numbers, but much less so and it's mitigated with a rule that Spell Numbers less than the Caster Rank do not award any CP.

In addition: failed item creation is how we get the bulk of cursed items.
Maybe I got it rite this time.


Join the scorn.

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