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Magic Items
Create Magic Melee Weapon (Ritual)
 Spell Base: Variable
 Min. Rank: d20
 Resist: No

With the Create Magic Melee Weapon ritual one can create magical melee weapons. The main use for the spell grants bonuses to the damage die based on the Degree of Success of the casting. The material of the weapon limits the bonus the weapon can receive.
Temp.Leather, Sedimentary Stone
+1Metamorphic Stone, Wood
+2Igneous Stone, Magicy Wood, Copper
+3Bronze, Iron
+5Magicy Metal (Mithril, Meteoric, etc.)
In addition to the damage bonus, a weapon can have a single power:
Weapon of Initiative (+2) - Roll combat initiative twice and take the better result
Weapon of Speed (+3) - 50% increase in number of attacks/Turn. Half attacks occur every other Turn
Weapon of Flame (+1) - Acts as torch
Weapon of Power (+5) - Increase Damage die 3 Ranks for single Power Attack
Weapon of Sharpness/
 Pointyness (+5) - Attack die explodes on a roll of the two highest numbers of the die
Weapon of Defense (+3) - For each decrease in Rank of the Damage die, Defense is increased by 1
Weapon of Independance (+4) - The weapon will "Dance" independently for a number of Turns equal to its bonus

The Spell Base (n) for casting is 8 plus the Power cost. The table at the bottom shows range of results to achieve each bonus.

If making a basic magic Long Sword, n is 8 and a roll of 57 (49 Points of Success) is just enough to create a Long Sword +3 (d6/d16), provided the sword is made of bronze or iron or better. Had the attempt been made for a Long Sword of Pointyness, the Spell Number (n) would be 13 (8+5) and the roll of 57 (44 PoS) would result in a +2 bonus. (4*13+1 ≤ 57 ≤ 7*13)

If the roll is between n+1 and 2n (Degree of Success between 1 and n), the spell worked but the magic isn't permanent. The weapon is effective for a number of Turns in combat equal to the Degree of Success after which the magic fades.

And yes. You need to chain-cast if you want to bring out the big guns. Everyone involved in the casting earns one fewer CP than the bonus of the new weapon.

Weapon of Stabbing/Crunching/Chopping: When weilding one of these weapons, the character attacks as if X Ranks higher in Warrior, including the possibility of additional attacks, where X is the weapon's bonus. The bonus does not affect the damage die.

Weapon of [Monster] Smiting: These +1 weapons mean Instant Death to [MONSTER] when the Degree of Success of an attack is double the Defense + Warrior Rank of [MONSTER].

Weapon of [MONSTER] Imperilment: These weapons target one specific type of monster: Dragons, goblins, cows, etc., and glow faintly when in the presence of [MONSTER]. They have a bonus of +1 against all other monsters except when the [MONSTER] bonus is +1, e.g. a Dagger of Harpy Imperilment +3 has a +1 bonus against non-harpies while a Battle Axe of Ogre Imperilment +1 has no additional bonus. The Spell Number is 8 and the following table shows the ranges for bonuses. Weapons of [MONSTER] Imperilment do not generate CP.

Messy master table for bonuses because I'm too lazy to not use a html generator and the forum software really doesn't like attempts to use CSS: 
ImperilmentSmitingWarrior+Warrior+ material
+1 for PoS Turnsn+1 - 2n9-1610-2013-26leather, sedimentary stone
+12n+1 - 4n17-2420+27-65copper, metamorphic or igneous stone, wood, copper
+24n+1 - 7n25-32--66-143bronze, iron, steel
+37n+1 - 11n33-40--144+magicy metal
+411n+1 - 16n41-48----

Results of Failure:
Failed by 1-2 points: Spell failed, weapon worthless
Failed by 3+ points: weapon becomes a Cursed weapon of -1 to -5 (regardless of material) owned by the caster (or focus)
Caster/Focus rolls 1: GM funtime!
Maybe I got it rite this time.


Join the scorn.

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