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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2015/03/31
This time we had a two dozen tax free Taco Bell tacos (12 regular and 12 Doritos Locos Tacos). Brought them in myself.

Games are on Tuesdays sometime after 5PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601. 

(Although this time I didn't get there until 6:30PM but it would have been the same time wasted waiting for the pizza.)

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Last week our Adventurers had bypassed the town full of Neutral Good Half-Orc converts just south of the Goblin Hills and were continuing on their journey to Elefus' stronghold. Strangely enough Weasel wasn't with them. They continued Northeast along the road past the same hills.

What could possibly go wrong?

The next day Weasel joined up and nothing further happened that day.

The following day they left the road and turned West to make a beeline for Elefus stronghold. But just as they were about to turn they espied nine figures waving at them all dressed in black robes wearing hoods. Waiting until they came within hailing distance they said they were Weasel's Henchmen. Well seven of them anyway, two of them were Sidekicks of another two.

Not trusting them, Elefus cast a Detect Evil spell on them. Finding no Evil, they joined the party. Later Tete-a-tete revealed they were also Pilgrims of Maelikki. (The Finnish Gawd of Nature and Rangers.)

That day and the next passed without incident, but the second night they were accosted by Land Lampreys (they look like snakes). Elefus (who was standing watch) drove them off with a flaming fagot. 

GM's note: One of those things Players have a tendency to do when faced with potential adversity is they start to do something they have been neglecting. They told me (after successfully rolling a nighttime encounter) that they had implanted Weasel's "Rod of Alertness" and expended a charge. A Rod of Alertness act like 360 degree floodlight and alerts the owner and his designees of the approach of unfriendly creatures. That being said I will now accrue a charge from this magic item every night when encamped.

The following day after uneventful travel over verdant grassland, they came to a blasted heath. Burn and brown as far as they could see. (Marked clearly by the inch long water stain on the inkjet made D size map they were using.)

The following day amid the brown lands from what appeared to be a light from direction of what must have been the source of the burning blast. A portal. Without getting close himself, Elefus sent Weasel and his Henchmen out to investigate the portal. They came back reporting they had gone to a very hot place, with fire all around as far as they eye could see. The party took note of this, but lacking any fire protection algorithm, they decided to move on and return another day.

They assume this portal will take them to the Plane of Fire, home of the City of Brass where the Efreeti took prisoner Junkbot, Fundisha, and Gerry Castagere.

They next day they were hailed by what appeared to be four small mutilated children begging for food. One had only one leg and a crutch, one was missing an arm, another without legs was being carried by the last who was missing a few fingers. Sticking to a pattern of mistrust (this is HackMaster after all), Elefus sent Weasel and his Henchmen to investigate the poor waifs. Feeling suspicious, Weasel used his "Ring of Truth" only to find out these were Leprosychauns whose only real motivation is to spread their disease for revenge. It was decided to help them in any case since Elefus could cast Cure Disease spells ad infinitum.

Still feeling more brave in their Neutral Good Pilgrim hearts than Elefus, four of Weasel's Henchmen took pity on them and declared they would carry these little guys, and yes they also became infected. 

The next day with his Spells changed up. Elefus could cure only one. It turns out Leprosychauns are 80% spell resistant, hence their animosity and thirst for revenge towards snake oil salesmen and shamans who can't deliver. In any case it took three days to finally cure them. Two of them died in the process, their disease so far along that the act of curing killed them. So Elefus had to cast Raise Dead to bring them back. And yes, Elefus cured Weasel's Henchmen too.

Lastly before they made it to Elefus stronghold, the one month anniversary came up for those who were in the Dishonor category Bad Karma was reinstated for all, even those who had worked themselves out of it. 

Once they had made it there, Identify spells were cast by Weasel on unknown discovered magic items. While magical, nothing of great import was discovered except two Wands of Wonder, which only made a third since Weasel already had one. So he sold it to Elefus.

Next session they party will board ship for Blackmoor, ostensibly to acquire some form of fire resistance, and some needed down time to level up their characters via schooling at Blackmoor university.





Count Elefus, Human Male Deacon
Sir Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Myrmidon
Sir Kmaregh Dismal, Human Thaumaturgist
Sir Huang - Master Monk of the Stone Tiger Order
Dame Honda - Human Samurai Bushi
Numrendir - Human Coercer
Bane - Human Hero
Twitch - Human Larcenist

Nine Pilgrim Henchmen with swords.

Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson
Tracy Johnson



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