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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2016/02/15
I'm returning to the forum after a minimum 128 day hiatus following capricious censorship.  Perhaps the forum will behave again.

This campaign has moved to MONDAY NIGHTs sometime after 5:30PM at the same place. Games will be held at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.


This week we had two large custom made pizzas to welcome five new Players to the campaign.  Since it is HackMaster, we spent the whole night rolling up new characters.

The highlight of the session was one player chose to be the Thief variety.  During determination of how the character grew up, an 18 on a roll of 3 six sided dice indicated his character spent 20 years in prison hitherto.

We'll have at first level:

2 Infiltrators (Thief subclass)
1 Thief
1 Magic User
1 Chosen One (Cleric subclass)

While you can guess what Infiltrators do you may not have heard about the Chosen One.  Chosen Ones get their spells assigned by Gawd (the GM) and he never has to go to school to level up. 

Our particular character was chosen by the gawd Nudor, which means he can never use a weapon or a spell to attack.  His particular calling will be only to heal and preserve.

Since we're getting back into the campaign, new and old characters are shown in the PART 2.





CHARACTERS (New players on top.)

(unnamed), a Sylvan Elf, Magic User, General Practitioner. 
(unnamed), an Albino Dork Elf, 1st level Infiltrator, (Go figure why he spent 20 years in prison.  Makes you wonder why he couldn't also exfiltrate.)
Blake, a Human 1st level Infiltrator (a.k.a. Sneak).
Vixine Numar, a Human 1st level Chosen One (a.k.a. Touched)
Aerys, a Elvariel 1st level Thief.  (Elvariels are like 6 foot tall Fairy hybrids.  Makes you wonder about the breeding habits of Tinkerbell.
Count Elefus, a Human Male Abbot
Sir Huang - a Master of the North Wind of the Stone Tiger Order, Baron of Catan
Dame Honda - a Human Datai Samurai, Steward of Catan (formerly Temple of the Frog)
Numrendir - a Human Conjurist


Tujef, Numrendir's sidekick and a Human 3rd level Zealot of Thor (recently converted to Zealot)
Slade Wilson - Dwarven Professional (Left behind at Catan)
Gargoyle - Elefus's hench person (demoted from Sidekick)
Rubbio - Redeemed Footpad
Curly - Insane Keeper a.k.a 1st level Paladin and Elefus' other Sidekick (a Gargoyle really wouldn't do).
Twitch - Raised from the Dead (twice) Treasure Hunter.
Sum Dum Gai - Male 1st level Monk (a.k.a. Grasshopper)
Won Hung Lo - Male 1st level Monk (a.k.a. Grasshopper)
Bang Mi - Female 1st level Monk (a.k.a. Grasshopper)
Stin Ki Poo - Male 1st level Monk (a.k.a. Grasshopper)
Yu Too Fat - Male 1st level Monk (a.k.a. Grasshopper)
No Tsmo King - Female 1st level Monk (a.k.a. Grasshopper)
Hu Yu Hai Ding - Male 1st level Monk (a.k.a. Grasshopper)


Junkbot Jackson - a Human Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - a Half-Elf Swordsperson
Sir Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Warlock, & Champion and nine Pilgrim henchmen of various levels. (They wear hoodies.)





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Tracy Johnson



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