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Familiars in really tiny font because the forum software is kind of a pain-in-the-ass

The iconic Black Cat or Owl or Serpent, Familars come in many forms. The advantages of a Familiar are readily apparent: When near (within a combat turn of movement) they provide the Sorcerer with extra spell-casting power, as a staff of the Familiar's Sorcerer Rank; when within an adventure Turn of movement, the Sorcerer can cast spells through the Familiar; and when concentrating, the Sorcerer can see/hear/smell/etc. what the familiar senses. This is all possible because the familiar is, in a very real sense, a part of the Sorcerer: the Sorcerer's own Character Points are used when creating or improving a familiar. Through this connection, the Sorcerer and familiar always know where the other is; know the other's general state of mind (content, frightened, worried, etc.); and can send simple instructions ("Bring me my boots," "Stop playing with that mouse and kill it already," "Hide," "Let's go home"). However, even though a Familiar is a part of the Sorcerer, it is most definitely a separate entity and will leave, or even attack, the Sorcerer if abused.

A Sorcerer can have more than one Familiar but when a new Familiar is summoned, no further improvements can be made on the old. Only one familiar can be "active" at a time and it takes a Travel Turn to switch between active familiars.

Pests as Familiars: If a Sorcerer has a Pest as a Familiar (rats, cockroaches, herring, etc.) he gets a swarm/intrusion/school. The stats for each member is set when summoned and cannot be improved, but for each Character Point spent on Health (see the Familiar spell) 10 more of the pest join the group with identical stats. The Sorcerer does not get any advantage for spellcasting and cannot cast spells through the familiar, but is able to switch focus between individual pests in only a combat Turn when "seeing through the eyes of the familiar."

Spell Base: Variable
Min. Rank: d4
Resist: No
Summon or improve the characteristics of a Familiar using the Sorcerer's Character Points. Similar to the Summon spell, Familiar uses the tables in Appendix C of Ə-OH, (pages 48-49). Unlike the Summon spell, the form a Familiar takes cannot be that of a self-aware intelligent creature. As always, the GM has final say on what can be a Familiar.

When Summoning, the Spell Number is 0 and the Degree of Success is the number of Character Points that can be spent in creating the Familiar. The base characteristics for a Familiar is S:d1, W:d1, A:d1, D:0, H:1. The Size of the Familiar is set during summoning, as well as any special abilities, and cannot be improved through later castings of the Familiar spell.

Subsequent castings of Familiar can be used to improve a single Characteristic by one Rank, Defense score, or Health level (i.e. spend one CP on Health to increase by the appropriate amount). The Spell Base for each follows:
  • Increase an Aspect: the Rank of the Aspect plus the number of CP to increase by 1
  • Increase Defense: the Defense score plus the number of CP required to increase by 1
  • Increase Health: the number of CP already spent on Health
The required number of CP must be available before the spell can be attempted.

If a casting of the spell fails, another attempt cannot be made until the Sorcerer has earned another Character Point.
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