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So I took my dual core, 4G Ram PoS W8 turned W10 laptop and dual booted it with OpenSUSE.

Why did I do this? Well, I wanted to take a couple of Linux courses. I thought about buying a new laptop.... Then it occurred to me that I have this laptop that can't run resource hungry Windows. I mean Windows on 4GB? Laughable. Dual core? Weren't they obsolete ten years ago?

Perhaps I could make this paperweight a usable computer with Linux.

For the course I have to choose between CentOS, Ubuntu or OpenSuse. I've had Ubuntu in the past and didn't want to trod that path again. Apt-get off my porch. Suse I had never used before. My experience limited to Corel Linux (Xandros), Ubuntu, Vector Linux, SymphonyOS...... Very little Arch and about the same with various BSDs. Some experience fixing Red Hat computers in a previous job....

Other OSs I enjoyed were OS/2 Warp and BeOS. I also played with an independent Unix OS with a giraffe as it's logo.....  Solaris? I can't remember.

This list means I played with them. I had some thought of building a Distro on Arch, but never got that far. I was leaning a lot toward the BSDs at that point. I think when I got into Symphony, I started to lose interest for awhile. In the end, I was probably still a novice at Linux.

Corel/Xandros was one of my best experiences since OS/2 Warp came out but their lack of support and going pay sort of did that in (it may be here that dependency hell started to get me, but I think it was in Ubuntu it broke me). Vector was solid but the Slackware community was bollocks. Symphony simply could not seem to get stable. Ubuntu is one I used for awhile but wasn't a fan of the fanatical userbase (this was before it became really popular) and I was burned out on Debian styles as well as astonished that GNOME had survived when it really was end-of-life ages ago.


I probably snagged OpenSuse because it wasn't Debian and GNOME wasn't the default Desktop Environment.

....... More to come.
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