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My apologies, 'sudo apt-get into dependency-hell." Heh. As usual, that made me laugh.

Uhhh, I forget when I used Ubuntu... 2004-2005ish? Maybe later than that by a year or so. I'm not sure how long I used it either as it never really fit my needs. It just made me miss Xandros. I recall getting disks for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and the server edition at work sometime around then but I never got around to installing any of them. I believe I kept the disks with the hopes that someday I could turn an extra computer in a server, but when that day finally came, I setup FreeNAS.

For me, it's partially about learning and partially to see if I can do what I need without Windows. I have a Windows 7 laptop that does all my business stuff (web design, book keeping, remote access). I really want to refresh my brain in Unix style. I also have a Mac but every day I dislike Apple more and more. Anything made from Lion afterwards seems like junk and those iDevices are so cheaply made. Also learning Java again. I need to improve my web design skillset although I have zero interest in graphic design.... Okay, I have zero artistic ability.


So my first problem was that Windows 10 skips the BIOS so booting from USB simply wouldn't work. I had to get an external DVD drive to try installing from disc.  Hmmmm... I spent hours trying and failing to get into the BIOS before I finally made it happen somehow and turned off secure boot and turned on legacy support. Poof, installing OpenSUSE.

Of course I find out I'm pronouncing it wrong.... OpenSoos, but apparently it's Opensoosa.

The next problem comes with partitioning. Sure, it's not terribly difficult for those in the 'know,' but man I couldn't imagine regular (mundanes) trying to figure this out. I checked some videos and all of them were wrong. I ended up shrinking the Windows partition to 250 GiB.... Yes GiB because GB or G don't work. I made a 4 GiB Swap partition, 40 GiB partition for the OS and whatever was left for data. I recalled from previous experience that screwing up here can lead to problems later. I basically just randomly picked sizes.

It's hard to know how much I'll use the Windows part anymore on that machine. I still need it for testing networks on the road because it's much much lighter than my main Windows machine. Oh jeepers, the amount of times I've had to hold the heavy laptop up while plugging into some stupid box on the wall in a dusty basement while talking to the provider in Montreal.... Shoulder-killer.

The last two partitions (OS and Data) were made using the Btrfs file system. It recommended it for the OS part but recommended XFS for the data partition. I ignored the later advice. I know very little about Btrfs and have only used ext# in the past.

I'm sure something I did will make life hard at some point. Yay!

The rest of the install went smoothly.... Well except when it froze trying to boot from HDD. I killed the power, turned it back on and poof, it works. Booted into OpenSUSE and then out and into Windows 10. Yippee! Take that mother hubbard!

Oh, prior to the install, I had to manually set up the wireless card into the installer. I hit some buttons and somehow that was resolved.

At the end I had to choose the environment... GNOME, KDE, or OTHER. While I'm very interested in Xfce, I went with KDE because it seemed easier to set up. Unfortunately my course uses GNOME for all three OSs. Meh, I'll figure it all out.

At some point in initial usage, I was having trouble with the screen flashing as windows opened, minimized, or did any action. I switched to KDE Plasma? That resolved the problems.

The OS comes with tons of useful items all preinstalled. I've still found that the GUI is limited and command line is required to do things easier and/or better.
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