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Like D&D but Better
I just watched Simon & Simon S01E03 (trapdoors). In it, a kid who games (apparently a solitaire RPG) is a whizz at computers circa 1981.

The kid figured out how to log into some indie bank in the USA over the phone and syphon money based on some interest thing. He transfers money in and withdraws the interest - sort of not stealing from anyone (depending on your perspective).

It was nostalgic to see a computer that hooked up to a normal TV and needed to dial a phone number to directly access places.

Of course the kid at some point hides in tunnels, leaving polyhedrons and miniatures as clues. Most importantly, he wears glasses.

I didn't recognize the minis in it.

From the episode:

"There's a strong gust of fetid wind."

"Do you know anything about computers? I know they don't like me every time I try to cash a cheque. You might try putting some money in your account. Am I supposed to?"

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"I didn't steal from anybody, not really, all I did was collect interest on other people's money."

"Fantasy game: Trolls & Trapdoors; Angels & Demons; like Dungeons & Dragons, only better."

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