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I've been considering this keyboard 
[Image: 61cStKyNITL._SL1500_.jpg]


I have an Apple keyboard that I spent a small fortune on along with their Magic Mouse. Both are garbage and were stupid purchases. I was (and still do) a lot of Mac tech support and thought they'd help me stay on top of the tech. What it did is make me hate Apple. More.

The magic mouse has been replaced with a wired trackball (thumb) mouse but the keyboard needs replacing. Left shift T doesn't work and other odd things i've learned are just normal known issues with Apple keyboards.

Neither the mouse, nor keyboard were comfortable either. Both run through a couple AAA batteries a week.

So, the mouse is fixed.

I have two other laptops. A Toshiba with a basic keyboard and a Lenovo with their cheap end keyboard.

I like the high end Lenovo keyboards. It's like night and day to type on a thinkpad compared to any other keyboard I've tried. 

So I've been considering this overpriced monstrosity with poor reviews to become my go to keyboard. I've been watching Amazon and it seems to range from $70 to $100, shifting weekly. If it would drop to $60, I might pull the trigger.
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Nope. I'd never do it. Why? Two reasons stemming from one thing: 1) The mouse nipple. I refuse to ever use one; and 2) I use a Dvorak layout, not qwerty, so I'd have to switch the key covers around. That mouse nipple means that I wouldn't be able to replace the g, h, and b keys with i, d, and x, respectively. Also, mouse nipples.
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