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RPGGeek BGGeek
Heh. Yeah, i've rated only a very small % of my games but in the past have used the site to find timely errata and/or rule clarifications. More and more I'm seeing companies using BGG as their official source for their own game.

For me, the big thing is finally putting what I have in a database with the hopes I'll stop buying duplicates of the oop stuff I collect. So far, I haven't found a way to export their database into anything useful, but I'm hopeful.

Once upon a time i knew every module and magazine i owned but various traumas along with age seem to have removed those easily recallable memories.
I use for comics and find it very nice. Having something for all my games sounds good in theory.

Perhaps i just missed my calling as a data entry specialist. I spend a lot of time on rpggeek correction and adding new data for them. I did the same with Acaeum and was horrified when they took the project down.
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