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Post Vacation
I planned my vacation to have the weekend afterwards for chilling at home before getting back to the grind.

I do have to do some work like figuring out how to mockup a web site for a sales pitch and deal with a Scottish web site - figure out which CMS it uses and if I need to contact the web manager to download it all. also, learn what type of site works best for lawyers.

As I did on my vacation, I had hoped to continue getting some sun. Naturally I avoid those beaming rays of hatred and only go out at night except under extreme pressure, like to work and stuff.

So, by 9:30am I finish my morning wanderings and settle on the back deck. A deck that for the last 12 years has been used one day a year for Cornfest Gaming.

I have my coffee, chair, cowboy hat, shorts and sandals. This crappy Lenovo laptop with OpenSuse (now trying Gnome 3  believe it or not), my beloved BlackBerry Q10 that randomly reboots, The C&C version of the Lost City of Gaxmoor, Farley Mowat's Never Cry Wolf, and Jack Vance's The Dying Earth.

Despite the temperature arguing the fact, it's blasted hot. Too hot. Tomorrow maybe I'll try starting at 8. As well tomorrow, I go back to church. Which church? I'm not 100% yet, but I feel it's time.

We've been looking at working overseas lately and I know that it's been time for me to raise stakes for about 3 years or so. Who knows what will happen. Money is very tight right now - insurance payment is late, but I was just able to cover all my bills and minimum payments. No money for groceries.

Anyway, back to our usual programming.
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