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The PerSix RPG
Long ago, I wrote notes after notes on an RPG of my own design. Many ideas have changed since then. In fact, I am still quite enamoured with the idea of going back to using Chainmail as a basis for combat in an RPG. Perhaps utilizing the house rule for extras where they die after one hit.

At the time I wrote the original rules, I was irritated at skill based RPGs. The never felt right to me, especially the more detailed and specialized they became. So my solution was to define your character by using more Attributes, and just a few very general skills. Make everything percentile BUT utilize two separate mechanics.

A percentile roll to go under the # in order to succeed or for every 10 points you had in a attribute or skill, you got a d6 to roll. They did not add together but you took the highest number.

I included numerous races, mostly by splitting Humans up into four races I think, seven if you count midget types. I also included Fudge dice as Luck dice that could be added to any roll. Magic was actually an attribute, not a skill. That attribute like others, was more about potential. One could use it, but pretty wildly or poorly. Skills were there to refine attribute potential into useful and accurate stuff.

I made Druidic magic to be very big on rituals similar to what Merlin does in Excalibur. Druidic magic was chaotic like nature. One could also be very skilled in utilizing magic but have none of their own. Thus you'd often see duos. One Fighter type with lots of magic but no skill in it, and a magic user tapping into the fighters magic to utilize.

I guess I thought I should keep it to myself, but so much time has gone on, if I don't do something with it son, it will just fade away.

Combat was brutal. I spent a lot of time researching weapons and came up with die damages for them which I think exploded plus for each pip you bested the opponent, it multiplied damage. Did I mention that combat was opposed.
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Opposed combat.

One guy rolls 3d6 getting 1, 2, 3 = 3
The other rolls 4d6 getting 4, 6, 6, 6 =8

Outpipped by 5. Specific weapon does 3d8 damage 4,7,2 13x5=65 damage.

Brutal and deadly.
"Save inches for the bathroom; we're using feet here." ~ Rob Kuntz (2014)

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