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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2016/10/27
"Also mysteriously the party apparently had known him all thier [sic] lives and never knew he was never there before."

What's so mysterious about it? That's the way I prefer it, and when you come down to it, why bother with all the wasted game time bringing a new character in?

If I had my druthers, adventures would start with, "You're in front of a cave you decided to explore," or, "You're about a mile away from the holding of the bandit you determined stole the cheese you've been hired to retrieve." Someone pulls a "I don't want to recover some cheese. My character never agreed to that. You can't make decisions for my character," I reply, "Shut up. You control in-game decisions. The hiring was pre-game. What does your character do with the pre-game knowledge that he took the job to fetch some cheese?"

Usually I don't have to bother with wandering damage. (Think grudge monsters without the monsters. "Screw this. My character turns around and gets drunk at the pub." "You're hit for 36 damage.")

Sandboxes are for pussies, I guess I'm saying. Real gamers accept the plot hammer and like it.
Maybe I got it rite this time.


Join the scorn.

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