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[ACT] What shows have you been watching?
Luckily I didn't know who did it until I started watching recently and then suddenly saw it in the synopsis of a news article in passing. Sigh. I got stuck in season 2.

Currently going through the first season of Star Trek out of order; started Olympus which seems like it should be cool although a little boring; got bored with Bates Motel; After a few tries got to episode 2 of Love - it's not for me; watched one episode of The Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting - I laughed once, which isn't enough to keep watching a comedy skit show; actually getting into Drop Dead Diva for some reason but can't watch more than one episode in a given day (which may be why I like it - episodic nature is good); periodically rewatch episodes of Archer but not the most recent season which was awful; rewatched some of Dark Matter's second season - great show, wish it was still going along with Killjoys; watching The Sarah Conner Chronicles again as part of a Terminator share-time with my girlfriend; going back and watching episodes of Nero Wolfe to help me sleep (makes me want to read another Rex Stout book); watched the amazing new series of GLOW and have been watching the original in snippets as well as the documentary; tried Castlevania which actually was pretty good, just not great; tried an episode of Travelers which was good but felt like a full story and haven't moved forward with it; thoroughly enjoyed some of Last Tango in Halifax but eventually got bored - it lacks the humour that made As Time Goes By so awesome and timeless; watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who spinoff, Class - I liked it but doubt it will overly engage me for a season - sort of like mixing Sarah Jane Adventures with Torchwood but limited to a school; tried rewatching Torchwood: Children of Earth but neither of my blue ray players can seem to run the DVDs properly, y'know with audio so I need a new player I guess; enjopyed the first five episodes of Californication's season 7 - which I had seen before; got stuck in season 2 of the Witches of Eastwick; watched a couple free episodes of Slayers on youtube but the dubbed disappears and I don't want to buy it just because I snagged the BESM Slayers book; rewatched all of Dresden Files; rewatched some of the 10th Doctor's run with Rose; I think I also snuck an episode of Gatchaman and Blackstar in there somewhere.....

Now to find a movie about desert ninjas....
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