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How Best To Use a Gawd?
Using HM v.4 for this question.

If I have my Players encounter Iuz as a final encounter, (module T1) what's the best method to use him as character kill?  

As a Lesser Gawd gets any any spell up to Level 7 of any type once per day and he casts as 16th Level.  

i.e., what would be the best spells to pick?

Per module T1 St. Bert arives in 1-8 segments and they both leave to settle their differences.  If I can get surprise during those segments I can treat them as whole rounds.

I've been prepping the party previously with Cantankerous Babblers. Should be easy to fool them with Iuz in that aspect, (since he can appear as an old man).

I also have a Dark Enchantress the party has "befriended" but her express purpose is to turn traitor at the right moment.
Tracy Johnson



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