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Zeitgeist BlackMoor d20 Dungeon Level 3 to HackMaster 4.0 Conversions
While my players quickly went to Level 3 and I fully expect them to quickly find another set of stairs downward I decided to reconcile the Encounters on Zeitgeist's level 3 with HackMaster 4.0 monsters.

Things I figured out:

1. For room 3-3, a D&D Mephit is a HackMaster Para-Elemental.

2. For room 3-10, HackMaster 4.0 has no such thing as an Allip so I settled on a Demented Spirit. (I considered a Sivian Banshee but at 12HD it seemed too powerful for Level 3.)

3. For room 3-11, HackMaster 4.0 has no such thing as a Phantom Fungus so just added the 20 hit point kicker and left it as is.

4. For room 3-13, I treated the Huge Viper Skeleton the same as the Phantom Fungus (just added the 20 point kicker).

5. For room 3-14, I used HackMaster's Zombie, Giant as a template and lowered the hit dice to Zombie, Ogre Lord.

6. For room 3-16, I need to know, what the heck would be a HackMaster equivalent to a Grick?

7. For room 3-6, the two Dwarf Wizards and Half-Orc apprentice. Since in HackMaster 4.0 Dwarves can only be BattleMages, I converted them. Since Half-Orcs can't be mages at all, I turned him into a Shaman (ostensibly serving Thanatos).
Tracy Johnson



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