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Da Bears
Bear Hug - When a monster with this attack succeeds with all main attacks in a single Turn – both claw attacks by a bear, for example – the victim is now in a Bear Hug. The Bear Hug attack is against only the Defense score, ignoring any armor (although magical bonuses still apply – use a die of Rank equal to the bonus). The attack also allows monsters with a bite attack to make such an attack each Turn that also ignores armor. Victims cannot make any mêlée or ranged attacks until breaking free (see Grapple, Ə, pg 32), but can cast spells motionlessly (Ə, pg 17).

Black Bear
S: d3
W: d10 / d2x2 / d2 bite
A: d4
D: 2
H: 40
Size: Large
Special: Bear Hug d2

A bear. That's black.

Brown Bear
S: d4
W: d12 / d3x2 / d2 bite
A: d6
D: 2
H: 50
Size: Large
Special: Bear Hug d3

A bear. That's brown.

Cave Bear
S: d6
W: d8 / d2x2 / d3 bite
A: d6
D: 2
H: 30
Size: M
Special: Bear Hug d1, see description

A bear. That's cave. No, that's not right. They live in caves. Although smaller than their brethren, Cave Bear's jaws are capable of crushing rocks. When making bite attacks, they receive a +2 bonus to Warrior on the attack roll.
Maybe I got it rite this time.


Join the scorn.
I can't bear it.
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