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[ACT] Comic Book Hero Fights
Who do you think would win each battle? Why?

One person picks two comic book characters to fight, the next member posts who they think would win and why. At the bottom of their post they present another battle.

There are no real limits beyond being in comic books, but i'd prefer to steer clear of some obscure character from a small press that no one will know. We can look them up and obscure characters from popular universes or popular characters from obscure universes are both alright. As we move along we can open it up a bit more. Use your best judgement. All that said, if someone like E-Man is really what you want, use him Smile

User1: Plastic Man vs. Mr. Fantastic
User2: Mr. Fantastic because Plastic Man is foolhardy and Mr. Fantastic will lure him where he'll melt. Ant-Man (Hank Pym) vs The Atom (Ray Palmer)


Who would win and why?

Ant-Man (Pym) vs. The Atom (Palmer)
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