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[TT] What staple software do you use?
I use Plex a lot now and complain about it (and FreeNAS) with regularity. Actually do all my important stuff with Internet Explorer. Of course I continue to use an obsolete version of QuickBooks Easystart and often wonder if I should upgrade to something..... Simply Accounting? Slowly moving my machines from OpenOffice to LibreOffice. I haven't popped on my Linux laptop in quite awhile. Sort oif forgot about it, and it's my newest machine!

On my KeyOne (which I probably use more than any computer.... Well maybe the old Mac since it's my media machine attached to my TV. All it does is stream media, poorly.

Back to my KeyOne...

Browser = Opera Touch
Communication = BlackBerry Messenger (and seriously, if you can't install this, I don't need to hear from you that badly, unless you're my mother and I'll take your "Whatsapp" message you texted by mistake.
Budgeting = YNAB Classic
Google Docs..... Not because I want to.... Not sure what else to use.
Orbot, because, why not? Tor network, yay. :|
crappy Android Photos app
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