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[TT] What staple software do you use?
Linux (Ubuntu)
Opera -- occasionally Firefox
gmusicbrowser (Used to be Rhythmbox, but when I switched from Gnome, to install it it would pull in 200+ mb, including Nautilus, in dependencies. They've fixed that issue so that it only pulls in ~20 mb, but I've gotten used to gmusicbrowser and I don't need everything Rhythmbox has to offer. Especially not on my new laptop with possibly the worst speakers in existence since the days of the Gramophone.)
gthumb for quick viewing and simple editing
GIMP for more advanced editing
geeqie for slideshow because gthumb scales up smaller images to fit the screen in slideshow
LibreOffice -- mostly Writer and Calc
Evince (pdf viewer)
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade

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