[Guinness] Blonde in a 473ml Tall Boy @ 5% alc/vol

Guinness Blonde American Lager
473ml Tall Boy Can
5% alc./vol.

"Made with American hops."

Guinness pandering to the USA but I can't say how that's going for them. Here in Canada, it's a hit.

It pours easily as a clear bronze liquid with decent head that mostly dissipates leaving but a thin film. It smells like citrus hops.

When sipping this dynamic beer, the initial hoppy bitterness swirls inside your mouth as bubbles grow and dive for your stomach imparting a mild bitter aftertaste.

Guinness Blonde is a middleweight that feels like Summer. Tasty and refreshing; it's a little creamier and smoother straight from the can whereas oxygen heightens the hops flavour when in a glass.

In the end it's not the hoppiest lager in the world but straddles the line between generic beer and crazy hops quite effectively, leaving you with a brew that sits well and grows on you at the same time.

Summer Bubbles.



I thought it said 'Made with American Hope'...

I could drink Guiness Blonde, I prefer it's taste to Guiness Tar....Original.

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Guiness is a cat, Guinness is a Stout, Guinness Blonde is a rabbit (it's hoppy).

Guinness Draught, the Cappuccino of beer, before it became a pretentious hipster thing.