[Muskoka] Mad Tom in a 341ml brown bottle @ 6.4% (Ontario, Canada)

Mad Tom pours a thick and creamy head that holds steady. This cloudy unfiltered IPA is yellow-brown.

The scent is a pinpoint citrus hops.

There is only a mild sweetness and a creamy feeling but moderate bitterness that takes some time to grow.

While visible, the carbonation feels moderate to low and I believe this has a deceptively light body.

The concise bitterness grows with each sip and the creaminess continues to mellow it out. The drink is it's own neutralizer. The almost brown-gold beer hits you with a citrusy bitterness and the head soothes the tongue.

There is no mendacity in it's power as the sincerity of it's will to make you drunk is immediately present however it mollifies you with it's calm finish.

A fine beer and one of the best IPAs I've had.