[Bougrier] Vouvray Chenin Blanc (Pineau de la Loire) 2013 @11%

A very mild but succinct sweet grape scent that disappears after it's initial whiff.

Almost completely clear; a light yellow colouring barely noticeable. 

The first taste is almost like water however after a 15 seconds your tongue fills with some flavour and mild bitterness and then it's gone. 

Subsequent tastes give a little bittersweet burn on the back of the tongue but this wine pretty much tastes like very mildly flavoured water.

Supposedly this wine ages very well but is as described in youth. There's isn't much. It may hot a sweet spot in 10-20 years. The LCBO recoomends it for Asian food; specifically shellfish. I had it with home made macaroni salad.

It's probably good for people new to wine or those wanting a light flavour and body. It sits very easily in the tummy and the alcohol content is hard to notice.

For you light drinkers out there on a hot Summer day.