[Beringer] White Zinfandel (California 2014) @10%

This bright pink Rosé smells like rose petals with a hint of mixed berries.

Sickeningly sweet. I mean, was that an icewine? My tongue is coated with this stuff. What does it taste like? Let me swim through the sweetness.

I'm told it's like lemons, limes and melons. That it should taste like Summer.

What? No, I'm not wiping my tongue off with a towel. Wouldn't help anyway. Where's my sandpaper...

Hmmmm... let's take the girliest cooler, add some sugar syrup. Nono, that's not enough , that's better.  Anything else we can add? More sugar? Why not?

Apparently quite good with maraschino cherries and grenadine. At least that's what I poured for .

White Zinfandel. Yum.